2 september, 2018

For the Longest Walk out now!


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      19 juni, 2018

New album release


Finally the album release date is set. Joe Fiddle’s new album will be released August 31, 2018 in cooperation with Rootsy Music under exclusive distribution to Warner Music Sweden

      4 januari, 2017

New music video out now:


”This video was recorded in late August-October in the village where I grew up, Älvsbyn in the northern parts of Sweden. Here are some stories behind the scenes:

– When we shot the first scene in the forest, we lost control of the droner. First it went straight up high up in the sky, and then decided to crash somewhere deep in the forest. We had to look for it manually since we did not get a GPS-signal. Search raids for about 7-8 hours was made, but still no drone. Then, all of a sudden a few weeks after the occasion, we got the coordinates where it crashed, and we could restore the material in the video.

– The last scene, diving into the water was filmed in Döda Fallet (Dead Fall) where we used underwater equipment and the temperature in the water was about 14 celsius degrees (57 fahrenheit). I had to row out with an inflatable boat and stay on a small gap where heavy cold winds hit hard. First time I jumped in the water, the chock made me go off script, instantly, panicky swimming to the surface back to the gap with the cold hard gusts. Luckily, I managed to stay on script the second time, focusing on the pain and horror of risking a third jump-in could cause me.”


      10 november, 2016

New single out now!


The first single from Joe Fiddle’s upcoming album is out now. You’ll find it on:
Spotify, iTunes, Rhapsody, WiMP, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon.. And on youtube.

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      1 augusti, 2015

Back in the studio


Joe is currently in the studio working on some new material.

      30 september, 2014

EP Release – Where I’ll Spend My Years


The EP ”Where I’ll spend my years” is out now!

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      30 september, 2014

EP Release


Joe Fiddle presents his very first EP ”Where I’ll Spend My Years”. Go to ”Gigs” to see when and where he will perform his new material.



Get your hands on the new EP ”Where I’ll spend my years” now!

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25/7, Umeå Live, Renmarkstorget
26/8, Ersboda-Bostadendagen



“After spending time as a street musician in Dubrovnik and Santa Monica with no specific goals or ambitions, Joe Nyström was encouraged to start writing music of his own.

During a roadtrip in the US 2013, Joe performed at a local bonfire in San Diego.
A few months later he wrote his first song “Dandelions on the Street” which was reviewed in the US by a journalist he met at the bonfire, comparing him with Bob Dylan’s storytelling folk style.

He kept on writing music, inspired by his travels around the world and from spending time in the wild around the northern parts of Sweden. Most of his lyrics are autobiographic and he describes the process of carving lyrics as “really messy and different from every time. Sometimes I’ve written a full song within an hour, and sometimes it takes six months”.

He’s known for his characteristic voice and guitar fingerpickin’, and also for his enwrapped, cryptical lyrics.”


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Bonus Track

Have you already listened to all the tracks available on Spotify from Joe Fiddle? Don’t worry, just send an e-mail to and request for the bonus track and you’ll get it!